Activate the Alphabet

Step 1
In this activity we are going to do an “Active Alphabet.” We will go through the letters of the alphabet and do movements that begin with each letter of the alphabet.
When the game begins we will start with the letter ‘A’ and I will name an activity that begins with that letter such as arm circles.
As a class we will do that activity for 30 seconds before moving on to the next letter
Step 2– Are you ready?
Leader lists letters of the alphabet one at a time and names an activity. Everyone does the movement and then the leader calls out the next letter and the next movement. Once the alphabet is complete, the process can be repeated by asking students to come up with new activities for each letter. Keep going until the allotted time has passed.
Monitor class for success – correctly completing each activity.
End the activity with a discussion about avoiding sugary drinks and living active lives rather than sedentary ones.

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