Hop Around MyPlate

Grades: 3-5
Time: 15 mins.
Get Ready:
Draw diagram on board to show game space (see below).
Stand with enough ‘personal space’ for safe movements.
Demonstrate movements so all students are ready to move when the game begins.
Equipment Needed:
Step 1
• Find a spot on the floor where you can have “personal game space” all around you (demonstrate by extending arms and moving slowly around in a circle).
• Each direction (forward, backward, right, left) represents a food group. Forward is vegetables (have everyone hop forward and then back to original position); backward is fruits (hop backward and return); left is grains (practice); right is meat & beans (practice).
• OK – back to starting position.
Step 2
• When the game begins, everyone stand on one foot. When I name a food, hop on one foot in the direction of the category that food belongs in. Let’s try one, “BREAD.” Great job! Everyone should have hopped to their LEFT because BREAD is a GRAIN.
• Keep your balance as long as possible. Be careful – let’s be safe and stay on our feet. If you have trouble hopping with one foot you can hop with both feet.
Step 3 – Are you ready?
Leader calls out food names while students hop to the squares. Continue until the allotted time has passed.
• Monitor class for success – hopping in correct direction; balancing on one or two feet.
End the activity with a discussion about balancing your body and how it compares to balancing calorie intake and expenditure.

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