4.0 Images

Image layout in new Drupal theme.Within the new Drupal theme, images are restricted to the right side of the content section of your page. This new look keeps images uniformly positioned on each page and streamlines the look of the websites, increasing the ease with which visitors can access information from our Extension/AES websites. Several images can be uploaded, but all will be aligned to the right side of the page. An example of the what your page may look like with images is shown at your right.

Need a photo, see photography options.

4.1 Add an image to a page

4.2 Edit an image on a page

4.3 Create a revolving slideshow and photo gallery

Add an Image to a Page

  1. Within the Edit screen of the page you are adding an image to, scroll to the Images section.
  2. Click the Browse button and select the image you would like to upload from your computer.
    Browse for images, browse button emphasized.
  3. After you have selected the image you would like to use on your webpage, click Upload.
    Upload images, upload button emphasized.
  4. After selecting and uploading your image, it will appear as a thumbnail next to a caption box.
    Completed image upload with thumbnail.
  5. Add your caption in the box provided. Many photos can be uploaded. Select the blue Add another item button to add more slots for pictures.
    Option to add more images.
  6. Save your page to finalize.

Edit an Image on a Page

Reorder images on a page

  1. To change the order of images on a page, ensure you are in your Edit screen. 
  2. Scroll down the page to the Images section.
  3. You will see a crosshair next to each image. Click and drag this crosshair up or down to reorder the images.  
  4. Save your page to finalize the changes. 

Edit images options; reorder images, remove images, and add more images.

Remove an image on a page

  1. To remove an image on a page, enter your Edit screen on the desired webpage.  
  2. Scroll down to the Images section and locate the image you wish to remove from the list.
  3. Click the remove button directly underneath the image's caption.
  4. Save your page to finalize the removal process.

Change an image on a page

  1. To change an image on a page, follow the steps from the Remove an Image section above.
  2. Next, follow the instructions from the Add an Image to a Page section to upload a new image in its place
  3. Save your page to finalize the changes.  

Create a Revolving Slideshow and Photo Gallery

The "Gallery" content type lets you set up a photo gallery and slideshow. To setup a revolving slideshow, a photo gallery must first be created. Multiple photo galleries can be established.

To include a link to these albums in your sidebar, please see Edit the Sidebar Menu.

  1. Click Create Content in your left hand sidebar.
  2. Select Gallery.
    Create content screen with the gallery link emphasized.
  3. Name your photo gallery in the Title field.
    Create gallery page with title field emphasized.
  4. Now, you can begin to upload the photos that will be a part of your new photo gallery page and/or slideshow. If you are unfamiliar with how to upload images, please see how to Add an Image to a Page.
    List of images in the photo gallery.
    • You can reorder these pictures after they are uploaded by using the crosshair on the left of the image. Drag it up or down to the location you would like it to be.
  5. To add this gallery to a page as a slideshow, under the Page to include slideshow drop-down menu, choose which page you would like the slideshow to appear.
    Drop-down menu to select page for slideshow.
  6. Save your page to finalize the changes. Your slideshow will have an Edit Slideshow link above it when you are logged into the system, which makes editing the slideshow very easy and convenient.
    Completed slideshow location.