8.0 Announcements

8.1 Add an announcement

Add Announcement

  1. To create an announcement, click Site Announcement on your right sidebar, which falls underneath the Create Content header.  
    User navigation menu with "Site Announcement" emphasized.
  2. On the Create Site Announcement page, begin with entering the Title of your announcement in the first text field.
    Create site announcement title field.
  3. Next, specify the dates you would like your announcement to run on your website.  Enter the date in the correct format of MM/DD/YYYY.  
    Create site announcement date field.
  4. Enter a short teaser. The Teaser is an important part of your Announcements section as this summary is what encourages visitors to view your announcement. It displays on the announcement listing only and not in the announcement itself.
    Create site announcement "teaser" field.
  5. The bulk of your announcement's content will go in the Body text box.
    Body box for announcement content.
  6. Finally, you must designate a page where you would like your announcement posted.  Directly underneath the Body box is the Display on page drop-down menu.  This drop-down lists the pages on your website.  Choose the desired page from the list.
    Drop-down menu to select page announcement will appear on.
  7. If you would like the announcement to post to your home page as well as the selected page from above (if different), click the Promoted to front page checkbox.  
    Publishing options checkboxes.
  8. Save the page to finalize your changes.  

Display of Announcements

  1. The announcement's title/link and teaser display on the page you designated for it to be listed on in steps 6 and 7, above.  Announcements are listed below revolving slideshows and above images and videos.  The images below show the placement of an announcement in two different scenarios.

    A) If images and videos are present, announcements display above the images and videos.
    Completed announcement and location, above images and videos.

    If a revolving slideshow is present, announcements display underneath the slideshow. 
    Completed announcement and location, below slideshow.
  2. By clicking the orange "Test Announcement" link in the examples above, the user is taken to the complete announcement listing, which can include images and links, if needed.  A basic example of a completed announcement is pictured below.
    Completed announcement displayed in full.