10.0 Calendars

10.1 OSU Calendar integration in new Drupal theme

OSU Calendar Integration in Extension Drupal Theme

Extension websites will continue to utilize the OSU calendar system. To obtain an OSU calendar, please visit http://is.oregonstate.edu/academic-technology/cws/contact-cws. Once setup, the events you enter into your OSU Calendar will automatically feed into your Drupal website.

Support for OSU Calendars will also continue to be handled by Central Web Services. CWS's various support resources are available here: http://is.oregonstate.edu/academic-technology/cws

Maintenance of calendars will be largely the same as it has been with the past Drupal theme, but the new theme has a much improved appearance. The calendar is a static element and, for consistency among Extension websites, cannot be moved to a different position on your website.

List of OSU Calendar events as it appears in the new Drupal theme.

Clicking the view more events link, directs you to a list of the events on the OSU calendar website. 

View more events link.

OSU Calendar display.