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What is Pachyderm?

  • Any of various nonruminant mammals (as an elephant, a rhinoceros, or a hippopotamus) of a former group (Pachydermata) that have hooves or nails and usually thick skin; especially: elephant.
  • A web-based rich-media interactive presentation authoring and publishing system.

Pachyderm is an open-source multimedia development application that provides an easy way to create highly engaging interactive modules for your Web site and mobile presentations. With Pachyderm, you can build learner-driven multimedia stories that combine text, graphics, audio, and video—without being a multimedia programmer.

Pachyderm does not behave like a website, or like a PowerPoint presentation: Instead, it offers a nonlinear means to organize and deliver content in a compelling way that takes advantage of branching and learner-driven choices.

How it Works

Pachyderm is based on a series of instructionally sound and aesthetically pleasing templates. Users download media files to the Pachyderm server, and place them into appropriate templates.  The templates are linked to one another using a simple menu-driven interface. Links can also be made to external documents (PDF) and other Web pages. The resulting Pachyderm Flash presentation (or HTML5) is published to the Web for easy one-click access. The Pachyderm can also be downloaded for use off line, in presentations, mobile devices, or on CD/DVD-ROM.

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Getting Started

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