How to link to a published Pachyderm from my site

If you've published a presentation using Pachyderm, sharing your work on the web is easy. Follow these simple instructions to link to your Pachyderm presentation from a page on your site.

Get the web address of a Pachyderm

  • Visit the Pachyderm login screen
  • Logging in with your Pachyderm account
  • Click VIEW, under the published presentation you'd like to share
  • Once the presentation has opened, copy the URL from your web browser's address bar

Pachyderm Link Conversion Tool

To convert your link, simply fill out the form below and click "Get Link".

Link to Presentation
The full URL of your presentation.

Presentation Title
The title of your presentation; will be displayed as the anchor text in your link.

Display in Lightbox   
Your presentation will display in a modal overlay instead of a new page.
Note: Lightbox functionality is not supported by all websites. It is available on most Extension Drupal sites.
Copy your converted link below:

Add link to your site

  • Copy link text onto your web page
  • If you're working with a WYSIWYG editor like those used to edit content on Extension Drupal pages, be sure to click the Disable rich-text link below the content entry area before pasting the code.

Trouble shooting

  • Check the Pachyderm presentation has been published successfully at:
  • If you link from a webpage without Lightbox support, even if you've checked this box, the link will load your presentation on a new page.
  • If a problem occures during conversion, a warning will appear in red text. Check the Link and Title fields both should be populated, then resubmit.