Create a Link to a File

  1. To create a link from within your page, be sure you are on the Edit tab of your page.
    Edit tab.
  2. You will see the Body box with all of your page's content in it (or an empty Body box if this is a new page).
  3. When writing your link text, include what type of file will be included: PDF, Word document, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.  If the file is very large, include its file size.  For example, the link text for the 'About Offline Recordings' should look something like this: About Offline Recordings (Word doc - 4MB).
  4. Highlight the text you would like to use as the link. 
  5. Now select the Insert/Edit Link button.
  6. This will bring up the Insert/Edit Link dialog box.
    Insert/edit link icon and proper format for file links.
  7. Select the Browse button.
    Insert/edit link dialog box popup.
  8. This will bring up your File Browser. From here, you can either select an existing file on the system to link to, or you can upload a new file to link to. It will look similar to this. However, it will not look the same. Each website may or may not have their own file folders designated, and of course, if a file has never been uploaded into your system, there will not be any files to display.
    File browser dialog box popup.
  9. Either scroll the list and find the file name of the file you are looking to link to, or upload a new file to link to.
  10. To upload a new file, select the Upload button in the upper left hand corner of the File Browser.
    File browser dialog box popup, upload link emphasized.
  11. After clicking the Upload button, a drop-down menu will appear. Click the Browse button to locate the desired file on your computer. Thumbnail options are only for pictures.
    File browser dialog box popup, file upload box emphasized.
  12. Click Upload to finish the file upload process.
  13. Your file will be uploaded and will appear highlighted in the files list. Click the Insert File button to insert the path to this file into the Insert/Edit Link dialog box where you can then click Insert again to complete the link to this file.
    File browser dialog box popup, insert file button emphasized.