Create a Revolving Slideshow and Photo Gallery

The "Gallery" content type lets you set up a photo gallery and slideshow. To setup a revolving slideshow, a photo gallery must first be created. Multiple photo galleries can be established.

To include a link to these albums in your sidebar, please see Edit the Sidebar Menu.

  1. Click Create Content in your left hand sidebar.
  2. Select Gallery.
    Create content screen with the gallery link emphasized.
  3. Name your photo gallery in the Title field.
    Create gallery page with title field emphasized.
  4. Now, you can begin to upload the photos that will be a part of your new photo gallery page and/or slideshow. If you are unfamiliar with how to upload images, please see how to Add an Image to a Page.
    List of images in the photo gallery.
    • You can reorder these pictures after they are uploaded by using the crosshair on the left of the image. Drag it up or down to the location you would like it to be.
  5. To add this gallery to a page as a slideshow, under the Page to include slideshow drop-down menu, choose which page you would like the slideshow to appear.
    Drop-down menu to select page for slideshow.
  6. Save your page to finalize the changes. Your slideshow will have an Edit Slideshow link above it when you are logged into the system, which makes editing the slideshow very easy and convenient.
    Completed slideshow location.
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