Drupal Quick-Reference Guide

Welcome to the next phase of the Drupal Quick Reference Guide. As you are already aware, there are a great deal of changes to the template. We believe these changes will streamline Extension websites, giving a cohesive look, and simplifying the overall structure for Extension employees tasked with management of their county/AES websites.

0.0 Your Browser

When updating your site, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox as your primary Internet browser, due to compatibility issues between various browsers.

However, Firefox 10 is incompatible with the Nolij application, if you use Nolij please use Firefox version 9 or earlier, if you have questions or want help with setting this up, please contact CN Support.

1.0 Getting Started

1.1 Sign up for an ONID account

1.2 Logging in to your website

2.0 Pages

2.1 Create a new page

2.2 Find an existing page

3.0 Links

3.1 Create an internal or external website link 

3.2 Create a link to a file

3.3 Edit an existing link

3.4 Remove an existing link

4.0 ImagesImage layout in new Drupal theme.

Within the new Drupal theme, images are restricted to the right side of the content section of your page. This new look keeps images uniformly positioned on each page and streamlines the look of the websites, increasing the ease with which visitors can access information from our Extension/AES websites. Several images can be uploaded, but all will be aligned to the right side of the page. An example of the what your page may look like with images is shown at your right.

Need a photo, see photography options.

4.1 Add an image to a page

4.2 Edit an image on a page

4.3 Create a revolving slideshow and photo gallery

5.0 Videos

5.1 Upload a video from OSU's MediaSpace

5.2 Upload a video from YouTube

5.3 Upload a video from Vimeo

6.0 Menus

6.1 Edit the sidebar menu

7.0 Tables

7.1 Create a table

7.2 Edit a table

8.0 Announcements

8.1 Add an announcement

9.0 Social Media

9.1 Add social networking pages

9.2 Create a business Facebook page (external link)

10.0 Calendars

10.1 OSU Calendar integration in Extension Drupal theme

11.0 Webforms

11.1 Create and manage webforms (external YouTube link)


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