View visitors in a particular section of the website

  1. You can use Analytics to view the number of visitors on each page...
    • If you create a custom URL path for different sections of the website, then you can look at website statistics for a particular section. For example:
      1. About us: /about/about-us
      2. Our staff: /about/our-staff
    • Click 'Behavior' in sidebar
    • Click 'Site Content' and click 'Content Drilldown'
    • Find the section you would like to view (look at the URL to get this path)
    • If you don't see the section you are looking for:
      1. Increase the number of results: at the bottom of the pate find "Show rows" and increase the number to 25 or more
      2. If you know what you'd like to search for, you can enter the path in the search field.
    • Once you see the section you are interested in, click the section name to drill down to a particular page.
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