Your Extension Forester
Your Extension Forester

Glenn Ahrens, Extension Agent--Forestry, Christmas Trees

Welcome! The forestry and natural resources program brings research-based education to forest owners and managers, forest workers, teachers, youth, and the general public. Our goal is to improve Oregonians' knowledge of forest resources and options for enhancing and sustaining benefits from these resources.

We bring state and national expertise to the community through our affiliation with the OSU Forestry and Natural Resources Extension Program and the OSU College of Forestry.

For assistance or information on Extension Forestry programs in Hood River County, contact Glenn Ahrens OSU Extension Forestry and Natural Resources faculty for Clackamas, Marion, Hood River, and East Multnomah Counties at (503) 655-8631. Or visit Glenn’s Trees and Forests website.

Information can also be found at the Know Your Forest website.

For more advanced online instruction, visit the website on How to Manage Your Forest.

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