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Oregon State University's Extension Family & Community Health (FCH) program serves Oregonians through education, community partnerships, and action. FCH focuses on programs that will promote healthy communities, healthy families, and healthy individuals.

Lauren Kraemer, MPH
FCH/Snap-Ed Faculty
Hood River/Wasco/Sherman/
Gilliam/Wheeler Counties

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Finding Help in Tough Times

This website is for people who find they need to ask for help--people who may have recently lost a job, a home, or may be having a hard time making ends meet. Locating such basic resources as food, shelter, employment, or health care can mean stumbling through a maze of agencies before making the right connections. People looking for help may not know where to being.

OSU Extension has compiled a list of state resources, community services, and information to help people find the help they need in these tough times. The list is not -- cannot be -- absolutely complete. It is meant to help people get started. We will continue to add links and information as it is developed.