Hood River County Library Xeriscape Garden

Garden plots at the entryway of the Hood River County Library were designed and are maintained by Master Gardeners as an educational project for the community.

Learning Garden - A Demonstration Garden

Several garden features make up this demonstration garden around the OSU Extension office at the Mid-Columbia Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Hood River. Each garden feature provides an opportunity for a learning experience for Master Gardeners and community members. The Learning Garden currently consists of these projects: Compost Demonstration Area, Herb Garden, Fountain Garden, Hellstrip or Curbside Garden, Native Plant Garden, Bioswales, EcoLawn, Japanese Heritage Garden, Ornamental Grasses and Raised Beds

Next Door Inc. Gardens

The Klahre House gardens consist of raised beds and a traditional garden at the Extension grounds and a garden on Barker Road.  The Klahre House students learn gardening skills by doing most of the work at these gardens.   Raices/Roots is a community garden and education program for Latino families who grow vegetables on an acre of leased land at the Next Door Barker Road site.

One Community Health Garden

A well-maintained and well-used community garden in Hood River.  In 2014, 60 garden plots were rented by 39 families from the community. Central Gorge Master Gardeners work to make the garden comfortable, attractive, and productive. We assist with gardening questions and problems, oversee the management, upkeep and maintenance of the garden, and experiment with cover crops, vegetable crops sent to the FISH Food Bank, and compost-making. We are proud to be involved with a community project that allows neighbors to grow their own organic produce.  And we whistle while we work on maintaining all garden waste on site, thus keeping it out of the landfill, figuring out how to apply what we've learned, and encouraging gardeners to value the importance of healthy garden soil.

Gorge Heritage Museum Garden

A project maintaining the gardens at the Museum in Bingen Washington.

Spring Plant Sale

The annual plant sale is held in May on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. All Master Gardeners are asked to participate by providing plants, helping to pot plants or volunteering during the sale.

Hood River Garden Tour

This tour of private and public gardens in the community is open to the public and conducted as both an educational event as well as a fund-raiser for the program.  All Master Gardeners are asked to volunteer during the garden tour.  Each garden on the tour has Master Gardeners working to guide folks through the gardens and answer questions.  Educational spots are displayed in the gardens and refreshments are provided. Garden tours are currently held every other year.

Mount Hood Parkdale Bicentennial Garden

The Parkdale Bi-Centennial Memorial Garden started in 1976. It was cleared to remove site obstructions for drivers coming to the Parkdale triangle. It is a large garden in Parkdale that unfortunately had become wild.  The garden is being restored to its former beauty by Master Gardeners, The Parkdale Garden club, Grange, Lion’s Club and many other community members and organizations.

Hood River County Fair

Master Gardeners design and provide an educational display in the Floral Building at Hood River County Fairgrounds in Odell.

Christmas Wreath Project

In late November or early December, Master Gardeners participate in making wreaths, swags, and decorations for their own use and additional ones that are donated to the FISH Food Bank for distribution.

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