4-H Jefferson County Fair

2017 Jefferson County 4-H Fairbook sections and related information:

Jefferson County 4-H Fair 101 information sheet.  This is a sheet with dates and times of activities leading up to Jefferson County Fair for 4-H members and families.

  • Jefferson County 4-H Fair Book

             Sections included:

                  4-H Record books and Communications

                  4-H Presentations Contest

                     Presentations contest is scheduled for April 7th and April 10th.  To sign up

                     please contact the OSU Jefferson County 4-H Office 541-475-3808. 

                  4-H Livestock

                  4-H Small Animals

                  4-H Family and Consumer Science

                                Tablesetting Contest for Foods Project Members

                  4-H Expressive Arts

    • Jefferson County Horse 4-H Handbook
    • Jefferson County 4-H Horse Fair Schedule

Jefferson County 4-H Fair Registration Forms:

Other Forms:

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