Club Resources


This page will be have educational video's and other resources that can be used in club meetings.

You can scan QR codes with your Smart Phone to access these video's.

Educational Activities

"Basics of Biosecurity" activity (4H1661) This activity comes from Michigan 4-H Youth Development and is a great way to introduce concepts of biosecurity to 4-H members.

Introducing "Granny Clover"

Granny Clover talks about the 4-H Pledge:


Granny Clover "Tie Your Tennis Shoes" 4-H Health Challenge:


YouTube video link:

A member of Triple L Livestock 4-H Club, talks about cattle fitting products:


There are Grain Identification kits available for clubs to check out.

Clubs can also check out the Learning Laboratory kits for meetings.  There are Beef, Sheep, Swine, Rabbit, Goat, Horse, Dairy and Dog kits available.