Jefferson County Farm Fair & Trade Show

The 35th Annual Central Oregon Farm Fair and Trade Show will be held Wednesday and Thursday, February 4-5, 2015, at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

The Central Oregon Farm Fair & Trade Show is an opportunity for local farmers and ranchers to getupdates on issues affecting agriculture; hear reports on local research efforts; and receive two to four hours of pesticide applicator recertification credit. It’s also the chance to visit with neighbors while checking out new farm equipment, products and services from more than 30 vendors.

The Central Oregon Farm Fair & Trade Show is sponsored by the Jefferson County Seed Growers and Oregon State University Extension.

For an updated schedule and more information on Farm Fair, please continue to check back or . If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or having a booth at the trade show, please fill out the attached form and submit to the Central Oregon Agriculture Research Center.

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