Oregon Open Campus and its partners in Jefferson County are proud to offer the following programs:


The “Juntos” program (pronounced: Who-n-tos) provides Latino parents and 8-12th grade students with knowledge and resources to graduate from high school and gain access to college.  This hands-on program is taught in either English or Spanish and meets for 2½ hours once a week for six weeks in the evenings. Juntos also uses success coaches and college age-mentors to provide weekly afterschool clubs and activities with the target students before and after the 6-week program.

Program partners include: OSU Extension, 509J School District and Central Oregon Community College

Welding Classes

The welding classes are designed to be taken by high school students, college students or community members.  It may be taken for HS credit, college credit or no credit. 

Program partners include: 509J School District, Jefferson County Education Council, Oregon State University, Central Oregon Community College and the Partnership to End Poverty.

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