Jefferson County Education Council

The Jefferson County Education Council is a group of citizens, representing all facets of our community, interested in directing the future of education in our county, particularly post-secondary education.

Our mission is to identify, implement and oversee access to education and workforce training for Jefferson County residents.

Attend a meeting

We meet every other month to discuss ideas and ways to identify, implement and promote post-secondary education. We all believe the future of our community and economy will be affected by the education of our citizens.

We meet the1st Monday of every month at 12:00pm at the COCC Madras Campus.  Lunch is served and anyone is welcome to attend.


  • Jennifer Oppenlander, OSU Open Campus
  • Mike Ahern, Jefferson County Commissioner
  • Melinda Boyle, 509-J School District
  • Sara Braman- Smith, Madras High School
  • Janet Brown, EDCO
  • Joe Krenowicz. Chamber Director
  • Ana Carolina Gomez Diazgranados, Oregon State University
  • Laurie Danzuka, 509-J School District/Warm Springs Tribes
  • Kurt Davis, Culver School District
  • Charitie Gamble, Mid-Oregon Personnel
  • Michelle Gemelas, Community Member/Parent
  • Stephen Hillis, community member
  • Brenda Jones, Keith's Manufacturing
  • Susan Kovari, Shielding/Parent
  • Jeffrey Lichtenberg, Department of Justice
  • Joe Mchaney, Kid's Club/MAC
  • Jerry Schultz, COCC Extended Learning Dean
  • Rick Molitor, 509-J School District Superintendent
  • Don Reeder, COCC Board/Jefferson Co.
  • Jeremy Green, COCC Madras Campus Coordinator
  • Carrie McCormick, COCC Enrollment Specialist
  • Dana Martin, OSU Regional Administrator
  • Jaylyn Suppah, Let's Talk Diversity Coalition
  • Anna Higgins, Better Together
  • Gina Ricketts, COCC Native American Program Coordinator
  • Tim Fields, Culver High School Principal