Record Book Information:

Record keeping is a skill that we use throught out our life.

Compiling your record book can seem like a complicated task.  Here are some helps and guidelines to help you be successful:

For up to date information on Jefferson County 4-H record keeping requirements please review the following:

Purchase a green 4-H record book cover/folder, these are available at the OSU Jefferson County Extension 4-H Office.  Neatly, fill out the information needed on the front of the folder.

If you are planning to use fillable forms, see ** toward the bottom of this page.

Order of Assembly:

  1. Title page--this includes the member's name, projects taken during the year, and age division.  Your age division depends on your age on September 1 of the 4-H year.  Junior, 9-11 years; Intermediate, 12-14 years; Senior 15-19 years.

       2. Table of Contents and Dividers (Dividers are necessary to seperate each section) 

   Record books should be divided (in order) into the following sections:

   Option:  Table of Contents can be placed behind the title page or behind first divider. 

       3. Notes/Story (up to 6 pages)

4.  My 4-H Resume fillable or printable or word version


5.  Project Records (Visit OSU 4-H Project page for record book forms and resources specific to your 4-H project area.)

The following are some project records:

  • The following three bullets are the records that will be used by Jefferson County Livestock Members.  Members will have their Animal Science Record and Feed and Growth Record.
  • 4-H Animal Science Record for Junior Members (700-07R) fillable pdf or printable pdf
  • 4-H Animal Science Record for Intermediate and Senior Members (700-08R) fillable pdf or printable pdf
  • Feed and Growth Record for 4-H Market Animals (700-04R) fillable pdf or printable pdf
  • The following are production records for livestock projects:
  • 4-H Beef Cow Production Record (721-03R)  fillable pdf or printable pdf
  • 4-H Dairy Production Record (700-06)  fillable pdf or printable pdf
  • 4-H Ewe Production Record (771-03R)  fillable pdf or printable pdf
  • 4-H Meat Goat Production Record (available at the office)
  • 4-H Rabbit Production Record (761-00R) fillable pdf or printable pdf
  • 4-H Shooting Sports Record  fillable pdf or printable pdf
  • 4-H Sow Production Record (781-03R)  fillable pdf or printable pdf

6.  Advancement Records (Visit OSU 4-H Project page for other Advancement guides.)

7.  News clippings, photos, and items of special significance.  No more than 4 one-sided pages.  Make sure pictures/information is labeled.

       8. Past Project Records (for 2nd year 4-Hers and above, is required)

Please remember that your record book is not a scrap book and should not have feed receipts, ribbons, member pins...etc.  Always remember that you can refer to "Jefferson County 4-H Record Keeping for 4-H Members, Parents, and Leaders" for more help and ideas.

**Using fillable forms----If you are using fillable forms, you will need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader.  This is a free download.


New beginning 2017-2018 Jefferson County 4-H enrollment will be online.

First, please follow the proceedure in the following links:

Second, the following is the link for payment of 4-H dues/fee:


Other Forms:

The OSU General 4-H Publications page gives materials available to be printed off this includes contest guides, advancement records, projects records and so on.