Nutrition Education Program

The Nutrition Education Programs of OSU Extension Services in Jefferson County serves a variety of audiences. The Oregon Family Nutrition Program (OFNP) provides nutrition education, food safety and food resource management education to individuals, receiving or eligible for food stamps.  Nutrition education is offered to children, adults and families, including senior and single adults.

The Oregon Family Nutrition Program provides educational opportunities at schools, community sites, businesses and agencies.  OFNP offers the following:

  • Partnerships with public and private service providers to enhance and expand education services.
  • One-time single events such as workshops, demonstrations, exhibits, etc.
  • Series of nutrition education classes that includes:
    • Making healthy food choices
    • Eating fruits and vegetables       
    • Choosing meals and snacks that reduce fats, sugar and salt
    • Preparing inexpensive healthy meals  
    • Food safety
    • Staying physically fit

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