Plant an Row for the St. Vincent de Paul Kitchen  Last Fall, we reported that the Board approved a project to grow food for the St. Vincent de Paul Kitchen in Grants Pass.  Now, as you are planning your garden for 2006, I am looking for commitments of food crops (fruit, berries, vegetables) that you are able to grow for the project.  Although all foods and flowers are welcome, foods especially needed are potatoes (about 2500 lbs or 50 lbs. Per week), onions (about 100 per month), celery (about 30 bunches per month), lettuce (all varieties except ice berg) and carrots (about 25 lbs per week).  Herbs, especially basil and parsley, fresh or dried are also needed. Cucumbers and zucchini as well as tomatoes are welcome from May-July and October-December. 

The Kitchen will start serving a noon meal on Wednesdays starting January.  This will mean that they will now be serving Monday thru Friday.   Last year the number of meals rose from about 10,000 per year to over 13,000.  In order to coordinate between the Kitchen and the Master Gardeners, I need an idea of the items that you would be willing to grow. 

The Association may be able to help with seed potatoes and onion starts.  Let me know if you need help with materials.  To help, contact me at 950 Kubli Rd., Grants Pass, 97527 or e-mail at  or phone at 541-846-6953. 

Please contact me if you have any questions, advice or information that we could use to develop the project.  I will contact you with planting ideas.

Check your email for a return form.

 Thank you Fred Hall, Project Coordinator  

 To learn more about the Plant a Row program, Visit the Plant A Row  Website

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