Livestock & Forage

This program emphasizes economically and environmentally efficient production of livestock and forages in Western Oregon. Educational programming and information is delivered on a regional basis for Jackson, Josephine, Douglas, Lane, Linn, and Benton counties together. Shelby Filley is responsible for coordinating the program and works with other OSU faculty to meet the program needs of producers, land managers, and government agencies. She also conducts applied livestock and forage research and integrates this work into her educational programs.

Programs include: Animal Nutrition, Animal Reproduction, AI School, Body Condition Score Clinic, Beef Quality Assurance, Sheep Safety & Quality Assurance, Carcass Evaluation, Animal Health, Animal Management, Lambing School, Calving School, Oregon Grazing Conferences, Weed Day, Weed Tour, Forage Identification, Harvesting Forages, Weed Control in Pastures, Fence Building Demonstrations, and more.

Research includes: Early Nitrogen Application for Early Season Forage; Selenium Applied as Fertilizer to Improve Livestock Selenium Status; Sheep Footrot Efficacy Trials; Herbicide Use on Noxious Weeds; Pasture vs. Feedlot Finishing Cattle; and Efficiency of Gain in Stocker Cattle.

Shelby Filley would be glad to answer any of your questions.  Livestock & Forage  (This link will take you to the REGIONAL LIVESTOCK & FORAGE website hosted by Doulgas County Extension.) 



Shelby Filley
Regional Livestock & Forages Specialist

Phone:  541-672-4461  541-672-4461 (Douglas Co) or   1-800-883-7568  1-800-883-7568

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