Projects & Fee Structure




New enrollment starts October 1. 

  Market Sheep & Swine must be born before March 15th. 
NEW FEES: State Fee: $18.00 per Member no more than $36.00 per family.  Must be enrolled before January 31st.  After that all returning members will be charged $23.00 with no more than $46.00 per family.  New members will be charged $18.00 (No Late Penalty)
  Market Beef must be in possession by April 1


Members $5.00 per Project $1.00 OSU Insurance. (Paid only once per person)$2.00 for Horse Members (Paid only once per person)(Checks made out to OSU Extension) $4.00 4-H Leaders Association Fee* 

Leaders $4.00 Leaders Association Fees*$1.00 Insurance to OSU Extension.  $2.00 insurance for Horse Leaders(Checks made out to OSU Extension) 

Cloverbuds  $4.00 Leaders Association Fees*$5.00 Project and Insurance Fee (Checks made out to OSU Extension)

*4-H Leaders Association Fee. (Checks made out to 4-H Leaders' Association To be collected through your club and Submitted to the 4-H Leaders' Association).


      Market Sheep & Swine & Goat- Must be in possession by May 15th
    Horse must be in possession and registered by May 1