Josephine Co. Plant Clinic

John answering callsOur Plant Clinic is indeed the flagship entry of the Master Gardener fleet.  At the Plant Clinic, gardening inquires are made by the public either by telephone or personal visits.  We have an extensive collection of information in our library available for a modest fee and many times at no cost.  We also are linked to the internet directly with OSU Extension Service in Corvallis, Oregon.  The clinic is coordinated and directed by Master Gardener Wilma Christian. 

The Plant Clinic is also the prime source for continuing education for senior Master Gardeners and training the new students.  New student will work with a senior Master Gardener answering in-coming phone calls and greeting visitors to the clinic. New trainees are required to contribute a total of 70 hours of volunteer time, of which 25 must be in the Plant Clinic.  The remaining 45 hours can be paid back by working in the greenhouse, the Growers Market on Saturdays, and other approved projects.