4-H Leader & Volunteer Resources

Who are 4-H Adult Volunteers?

  • Adults who are interested in making a positive impact on youth
  • Adults who have an expertise they want to share with youth
  • Adults who want to learn new skills

What support do 4-H Adult Volunteers receive?

  • New Leader Training
  • Subject Matter Training
  • Support from 4-H faculty and staff
  • Support from other 4-H Adult Volunteers
  • Project books for leaders and members

How do I become a 4-H Adult Volunteer?

  • Choose your project of interest 
  • Complete a volunteer application form/Background Check (Available at the Extension Service)
  • Attend New Leader Training
  • Recruit club members!

2016-2017 4-H Leader/Volunteer Enrollment (Returning)

If you are interested in becoming a Lake County 4-H leader, please contact the OSU Lake County Extension Office for information at 541-947-6054.

4-H Association

All enrolled 4-H Leaders are members of the Lake County 4-H Association. The 4-H Association meets three times a year (January, May and August).  The Association provides support to the Lake County 4-H Program through fundraising and establishing new programs.

4-H Association Meeting Minutes  

January 21, 2015 Minutes

August 20, 2014 Minutes

January 15, 2014 Minutes

May 15, 2013 Minutes

January 17, 2013 Minutes

August 15, 2012 Minutes

May 22, 2012 Minutes

January 17, 2012 Minutes 

Opening a 4-H Club Bank Account 

We have designed a process for 4-H Club Leaders to open a club checking account using the Lake County 4-H Association EIN. This process will allow club leaders not to use their own personal information on the account. Below you will find links to the webform that must be completed before the checking account is opened, as well as bank-specific instructions. We will begin by first helping clubs open new accounts and, in the spring, we will help to migrate existing accounts using this process. Contact Samara at the Lake County Extension Office with questions or for more information: samara.rufener@oregonstate.edu or 541-947-6054. 

Please fill out this Webform before opening a club 4-H account. 

 Additional Resources for Leaders and Volunteers

Fundraising Request Form