Record Books

Keeping accurate records is a vital life skill that is stressed in the Lake County 4-H Program. All 4-H Members, who wish to exhibit at fair, are required to complete a 4-H record book. Record Book are due to the Lake County Extension Office by the first Friday in August, with no exceptions. Work must be completed by the member. For more information check out Record Book Tricks and Tips.  

There are a number of resources for support when completing a record book. Such as; club record book meetings, 4-H junior leaders, 4-H Member Handbook examples, record book outline (found below) and Record Book 101 classes.  Numerous Record Book 101 classes are offered throughout the summer and are open to all 4-H members. These classes are advertised in the 4-H Newsletter.  Additionally, leaders have the opportunity to organize their own Record Book 101 class for their club.  

All record book materials are available free of charge at the Lake County Extension Office. With the exception of the record book cover ($2) and tabs ($1).  However, you may access all records through the links below. 

Members and their families may utilize the order of records below and the links as a quick reference guide when locating record book materials. If a link is not provided the members must generate this area of their record book on their own. Please refer to specific information located in the 4-H Member Handbook. If you have questions or need any records, please contact the Lake County Extension Office.  

Order of Records

1. Cover 

2. Score Card

3. Identification Page 

4. Table of Contents   

5.  My 4-H Resume Word, fillable or printable pdf  (replaces Permanent Record) Jan 2015

**If you use the Word version of the document DO NOT change the layout or formatting, only work in the spaces intended for entering your information.** 

6.  My 4-H Notes (000-02R) fillable pdf or printable pdf NEW Jan. 2014

7.  4-H Story (members may also type story or neatly write on notebook paper)

8.  Project Records

Livestock (Lake County Market Livestock Project Record, Available only at the OSU Extension Office)





Foods and Nutrition

My ___ Project Record

      Junior Leader Project Record

9.   Advancement Program (Advancement certificates follow)

10. Production Records (if applicable)  

11.  Pictures & Clipping 

12.  Previous Records

13.  4-H Record Book Guidelines

** Youth enrolled in a market livestock project must use a Lake County Market Livestock Project Record. This record includes feed estimations, which is specific to the Lake County Program. The OSU 4-H Market Livestock record will not be accepted.