Lane County 4-H Community Clubs

4-H Community Clubs offer an important environment that provides opportunities for youth to experience: BELONGING in a group, MASTERING skills, Being GENEROUS, and Becoming INDEPENDENT.

  • Time to interact - Club meetings usually begin with activities where youth can interact with each other in fun ways that promote belonging. 
  • Time to make decisions and lead - Youth are elected to leadership roles and are actively involved in the  business meeting, usually done in parliamentary procedure that includes reviewing treasury and committee reports and voting.
  • Time to learn-by-doing -The main community club activity may include a community service activity, new project area exploration activity, guest speaker or demonstration, art or craft, and project group check-ins.
  • Contact a 4-H Community Club below to learn more about what they do at their 4-H Community Club meetings.

East Lane 4-H Community Club

  • Project Areas: Poultry, Waterfowl, Rabbits, Sheep, Goats, Horse, Entomology, Art, Sewing, Fiber Arts, Communications, Cloverbuds (All groups are full for 2017-18 4-H year)
  • Meets at the Pleasant Hill Community Center, 36386 Hwy 58, Pleasant Hill, next to Pleasant Hill ES
  • East Lane 4-H is closed for membership for the 2017-18 4-H year
  • Contact Amber Norton at

Junction City 4-H Community Club

  • Project Areas: Swine, Small Animals, Statics, Cloverbuds
  • Meets at the Junction City Community Center, 175 W 7th Ave, Junction City
  • Contact 4-H Leader April Givens at

London Springs 4-H Community Club

  • Project Areas: Archery, Fishing, Cloverbuds
  • Meets at the London Grange 72746 London Rd, Cottage Grove
  • Contact Jennifer Bryant at

Mapleton 4-H Community Club

  • Project Areas: Swimming, Arts, Cooking, Hiking/Camping
  • Meets at Mapleton School District High School, Mapleton
  • Contact Lauren Hesse at 541-268-6943

North Lane 4-H Community Club

  • Project Areas: Rabbits, Cavies, Poultry, Horse, Dog, Public Speaking, Leadership, Cloverbuds, Arts, Foods, Sewing, Woodworking, Photography, and more
  • Meets at the Santa Clara Grange, 295 Azalea Drive, Eugene
  • Contact 4-H Leader Kelly Makinson at 541-337-7370

South Lane 4-H Community Club

  • Project Areas: Rabbit, Poultry, Guinea Pig (Cavy), Pigeon, Goat, Swine, Alpaca (full)
  • Meets at the W.O.E. Fairgrounds, 2000 N Douglas, Cottage Grove and the Dorena Grange 34360 Row River Rd, Cottage Grove
  • Contact 4-H Leader Liz Gill at 541-510-9833

Springfield 4-H Community Club

  • Project Areas: Rabbit, Cavies, Poultry, Dog, Statics, Sheep, Swine, Goats, Beef, Cloverbuds
  • Meets at the Trinity Baptist Church, 1162 B St, Springfield
  • Contact 4-H Leader Sandi Hallmark at 541-431-1745

Spencer Creek 4-H Community Club

  • Project Areas: Cloverbuds (full), Horticulture, Food Science
  • Meets at the Spencer Creek Grange, 85488 Appletree Ct, Eugene
  • Contact 4-H Leader Stephanie Schiffgens at 541-844-1110

Thurston 4-H Community Club

  • Project Areas: Horse, Dog, Rabbits, Poultry, Eggs
  • Meets at the Pacific Equestrian Center, 3525 Garden Ave, Springfield,
  • Contact 4-H Leader Lonna Born at 541-844-6461

West Lane 4-H Community Club 

  • Project Areas: Swine (full for 2017-18 4-H year), Sheep, Baking
  • Meets at the Elmira Grange, 88764 Sprague St, off of Horn Rd, Elmira
  • Contact 4-H Leader Sandie Smith at 541-935-2625

County-Wide Projects

  • Youth must belong to a Community Club and then can join this county-wide project

Lane Leadership Team

  • All youth 12-19 yrs old are welcome! The team works on developing leadership skills, promoting 4-H, and making the best better!
  • Meets at the OSU Extension Service Office, 996 Jefferson St, Eugene
  • Contact 4-H Program Coordinator Emily Anderson at 541-344-5043

Interested in a specific project area?  Contact the 4-H Leader of the Community Club you’re interested in to learn more about project area opportunities.  We are continually adding new project areas in Lane County.

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