4-H Open Enrollment 2013-2014

We’re excited that you are interested in 4-H!  

The 4-H year starts October 1st. 2013 and our program runs all year until September 30th.  We’ve been having a lot of fun with 4-H back in Lane County and we hope you will join in!  

4-H is open to youth in grades 4-12.  Some Lane County 4-H Community Clubs offer a 4-H Cloverbud program for youth in grades K-3.  To join 4-H, youth must have a completed enrollment form, pay the enrollment fee, and attend their 4-H Community Club meetings.  Youth are also expected to participate in a service project with their 4-H Community Club and keep 4-H records of their activities (this will be learned and practiced in the clubs-don’t worry if it’s new to you!)  Youth may decide to participate in additional project groups or 4-H workshops throughout the year.  

The enrollment fee for the year is $100 for 4-H youth and $50 for Cloverbuds.  There is a need-based scholarship thanks to the 4-H Leaders Association that covers half of the enrollment fee for youth who need it ($50 for 4-H youth, $25 for Cloverbuds).  We want 4-H to be available to any interested youth and don’t want financial hardship to turn anyone away.  We are also offering an Early Enrollment Incentive this year.  If you turn in your enrollment form and fee before October 31st, it is $10 off for 4-H youth and $5 off for Cloverbud youth.  If your family includes more than 2 youth joining 4-H, your family only pays the enrollment fee for the 2 oldest youth.  The rest must turn in enrollment paperwork, but don’t pay a fee.  We currently accept cash or checks made to OSU Extension Lane County (please write your child’s name on the memo line).  Clear information about 4-H fees and deadlines is available on the ‘Enrollment Fee Facts’ sheet.

We strongly encourage you to attend a 4-H Community Club Open House in October if you would like to join 4-H.  These Open Houses are the best places to turn in your enrollment forms and fee.  If you aren’t able to enroll at a 4-H Community Club Open House, you can return your enrollment forms and payment to the OSU Extension Lane County Office at 783 Grant Street in Eugene (between Garfield and Chambers) Monday through Thursday between the hours of 10am and 1pm and 2pm and 5pm.  Enrollment and scholarship forms will be available at the 4-H Community Club Open Houses and they are available at the Extension Office.  Please do not use old forms or forms from other counties to enroll in the October 2013-September 2014 4-H year.  Thank you!

We’re looking forward to meeting you and having a lot of 4-H fun this year together!

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