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Oregon State University Extension Service is asking the Lane County Commissioners to refer a measure to the May 2016 ballot to provide local option tax funding for Extension programs in Lane County. The proposed tax rate is 1.5 cents per $1000 of assessed property value (or about $3 per year for the owner of property assessed at $200,000).

Extension is normally supported by a combination of federal, state and county funds. Since 2010, Extension has been operating in Lane County without county support. Our local services have been supported by user fees, gifts, grants and contracts, and the generosity of nearly 500 volunteers. We have been able to provide many excellent programs and services, but we continue to face funding challenges and have gaps in some key areas. The request for a modest amount of tax funding is intended to stabilize existing programs, reduce enrollment fees in 4-H, and allow restoration of forestry and commercial agriculture services.

The official request to the Commissioners was made on September 22, during a work session within that day’s regularly scheduled Commissioners’ meeting.

Details about Extension’s programs and services in Lane County, and the funding proposal that were made to the Commissioners, are available in the two documents linked below.

Regardless of the outcome of our request to the Commissioners, we remain committed to providing the highest level of service possible to Lane County residents. We’ll continue doing the best we can with the available resources.

If you would like to make a donation to support Extension programs in Lane County, please visit our donation page. Your support can make a lasting difference in Lane County!


OSU Extension Service Lane County Office at Kaufman House

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