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We moved Dec. 2, 2013 please make note of our new address: 996 Jefferson Street, Eugene, OR 97402 - Corner of 10th & Jefferson (see map)

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. and 2-5 p.m.
Office Phone: 541-344-5859 

Farms and Gardens Program

Master Gardener Hotline: 541-344-0265

Email Lane County Master Gardeners

Brooke Edmunds, Horticulture Faculty 

Jet Eccleston, Horticulture Education Program Assistant

Ross Penhallegon, Horticulture Faculty

Linda Renslow, Horticulture Support Staff


Master Food Preserver Program

Message Phone: 541-344-4885

Nellie Oehler, Family and Community Health Faculty


Nutrition Education Program

Office Phone: 541-344-0249

Jillian Drewes, Family and Community Health Faculty

Nancy DeSpain, Food Pantry Volunteer Program Coordinator

Lesley Kirk, Family & Community Health Education Program Assistant

Donna Mastrandrea, Nutrition Education Program Office Specialist

Rose Jepson-Sullivan, Statewide Nutrition Education Program Coordinator


4-H Youth Program

Office Phone: 541-344-5043

Email Lane County 4-H

Karissa Dishon, 4-H Coordinator 

Patty Driscoll, Administrative Assistant

Donna Mastrandrea 4-H Youth Program Office Specialist


Regional Administrator, South West Region (Region 8)

John Punches

Phone: 541-602-4689

Patty Driscoll, Administrative Assistant

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