Donation Options for Extension Services in Lane County

Your donations can make a lasting difference in Lane County!

Since losing our county government funding base in May of 2010, Extension programs in Lane County have been operating under a different model. While we still draw upon the expertise of Oregon State University faculty members and rely upon our extraordinary group of volunteers, our local operating budget is that of a business-oriented non-profit. We cover our costs through user fees (but try to keep them as modest as possible), grants and contracts, and gifts from people and organizations who share our passion for lifelong learning. We remain committed to serving the educational needs of Lane County citizens and communities, but we need your help!

Donations and sponsorships from individuals, families and estates, community-oriented non-profits, and businesses are essential to the success of our mission. They help us reduce costs to users and make programs available to low income audiences, they allow us to expand program offerings into new areas, and they give us a measure of stability and predictability in an otherwise uncertain budget world.

Your contributions can help, and there are MANY ways in which you can direct your resources.

  • Gifts in support of Lane Extension programs in general can be made to the Lane Extension Development Fund. This fund provides resources for new program development and stabilization of existing programs.
  • Donations to specific programs in Lane County can be directed to support our:
    • Farms and Gardens/Master Gardener Program
    • Master Food Preservers Volunteer Program
    • 4-H Youth Development Program
    • Forestry and Natural Resources Program
  • Estate gifts or other forms of planned giving can be directed to support individual positions, individual program areas, or any combination thereof are welcomed - and we'll work with your to identify the giving option that best align with your intent.
  • Sponsorships for individual educational programs or series are welcomed where consistent with the intent of those programs.

Gifts to Extension are tax-deductible, and allow you make a meaningful contribution to lifelong learning in Lane County.


Here's How

We work with our partners at the Agricultural Research Foundation, the Oregon 4-H Foundation and the OSU Foundation to accommodate the intended use of your gifts. Each is a respected and stable charitable organization, and your donations to them in our name are tax deductible.

To arrange a gift from your estate, or to sponsor a program, contact our office at 541-344-5859 and we'll work with you to find the arrangement that best meets your intentions.

To support the general operational activities of our office, please make your donations to the Lane Extension Development Fund. Make Checks Payable to the Agricultural Research Foundation, and write "Lane Extension Development" in your check's memo line.

Donations to support 4-H programs in Lane County can be made via the Oregon 4-H Foundation. Make checks payable to the Oregon 4-H Foundation and write "Lane County 4-H Program" in the memo line. (You can also donate online via the OSU Foundation -- just remember to direct your gift to the "Lane County 4-H Program.")

To donate to Extension's other programs in Lane County, make your check payable to the Agricultural Research Foundation and put one of the following program areas in the memo line:

  • Lane Farms & Gardeners/Master Gardeners
  • Lane Master Food Preservers
  • Lane Forestry/Natural Resources

Mail or deliver your gifts to:

  OSU Extension Service
  Lane County Office
  996 Jefferson St., Eugene OR 97402
  (corner of 10th Ave. & Jefferson Street) see map

Your donations will be put to work right here in Lane County!

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