Commercial Agriculture Producers

The Lane County commercial agriculture program connects Lane County farmers and ranchers to Oregon State University’s large agricultural research base of information. In addition, Extension agriculture faculty assist growers in complying with state and federal pesticide use and natural resource management regulations. Check these links for more information on a variety of agricultural topics.

Degree Day Calculator

Eastern Filbert Blight Information

Oregon Department of Agriculture

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality


A new berry crop for Lane County growers

Lingonberries have grown in the wild in the Pacific Northwest. In recent years, this small red berry has become a potentially important commercial crop for area growers because of strong markets for lingonberries in Europe.

Lingonberry is a perennial, woody, evergreen, acid-loving shrub. It is low growing and spreads by below-ground stems called rhizomes. The fruit are relatively small, bright red to dark red, strong flavored, and tart. They are nutritious and rich in antioxidants, anthocyanins, and flavonoids. Lingonberries also are very high in vitamin C. Check out these publications and articles for more information.

Economic Evaluation of Lingonberry Production in Oregon

How to Grow the Lingonberry

Lingonberry: A New Crop for the Pacific Northwest

Lingonberry Plant Sources

Lingonberry Production Guide for the Pacific Northwest


Agricultural chemical removal project

The agricultural chemical removal project is a special effort in Lane County to give growers the opportunity to dispose of unwanted pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals at no cost or risk to themselves. The Lane County Office of the OSU Extension Service is coordinating this project, which includes a number of counties and agencies. We estimate the collection in late winter or early spring. Surveys will be sent out this winter. For more information contact Ross Penhallegon at 541-682-4243 or email




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