Water Quality

Maintaining the quality of groundwater and surface water resources is a priority for Oregonians. Extension agriculture faculty in the Lane County office work with county, state, and federal agencies in providing information and education to raise awareness and to help county residents learn how they can take action to improve water quality.

Heavy rainfall and flooding also cause homeowner concerns about water, wells, and septic systems. If well water is affected by flooding rivers or high groundwater, wait until the water level goes down before having the well water tested--use alternative water sources until test results are available. Then follow shock chlorinate procedures and have the water tested again before using. Consult the "Water Well Owner's Handbook: A guide to water wells in Oregon." If your well may be contaminated, obtain a Coliform bacteria test from a certified lab.

When septic drain lines are flooded or are in saturated soil, use as little water as possible. After the water recedes, contact Lane County Public Works, 3040 North Delta Hwy., Eugene, phone 541-682-3751, for Sanitarians.


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