Raising Worms

Harvesting worms.

worm bin

Worm bin & free compost workshop schedules available.

Raising Worms

2-bin compost system.

The Compost Specialist Volunteer program is an effort of the Lane County office of the OSU Extension Service. Trained compost specialist are certified Extension volunteers who deliver hands-on learning opportunities for beginning to experienced composters in the community. Sound interesting? Then join our team!

Composting Special Project

In May 2006, Compost Specialist volunteers began a 3-year experiment applying aerated compost tea on roses to assess this treatment for reducing disease on roses. Compost tea is a liquid solution made by steeping compost in water. Review the latest trial results:

Coffee Grounds Trial 2009

Compost Tea Trial

Results of Compost Tea Trial 2007  


Plans and Publications

25 Gallon Compost Tea Brewer

Worm Bin Resource list

No turn cold composting

Plans for 3-bin compost system.

Plans for a 55-gallon worm bin.

Instructions for making a 5 gallon compost tea brewer

Mulch and manure sources

Sheet Mulch - Lasagna Composting



Tomotes grown with compost
Compost Booth

Compost bin sample

Tomatoes grown with compost. Volunteers staff booths throughout the community. Compost bin.  
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