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Online Courses
Certificate of Home Horticulture starts each September through the first week of December. Cost: $490.

Turf Grass Information
(Note: chemical recommendations are for California only.)
UC IPM Online is a University of California website on how to manage pests in turfgrass is designed for landscape professionals. An additional resource, The UC Guide to Healthy Lawns, focuses on home gardening.

OSU Extension Service Master Gardenerâ„¢ Program
The statewide program's website describing activities, volunteers, events, and coordinators. Also includes information on the program's affiliation with OMGA.

Entomology Information
An urban entomology site that includes guides, tool kits, and related information to help you identify least-toxic solutions to everyday bug problems.


Composting information

Cornell Composting
A website maintained by the Cornell Waste Management Institute that provides access to a variety of composting educational materials and programs developed at Cornell University.

Growing Your Own
A practical guide to gardening in Oregon that includes a section on composting. Published by the OSU Extension Service.

Gardening with Composts, Mulches, and Row Covers
An OSU Extension Service publication that includes making compost bins, using plastic ground covers, organic and plastic mulches, and supported and floating row covers.

City of Eugene Solid Waste and Recycling
Information on home composting and vermicomposting including a number of documents explaining what to compost, what not to compost,
and specific composting topics. 

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