4-H Community Clubs

Belonging - Leadership - Service - FUN!

Join us during our next open enrollment in October. Come to an Open House and learn more about our program!

Lane County 4-H has a mission to create Community Clubs that bring youth together in a nurturing environment that leads to the 5 Cs: competence, confidence, character, connection, and caring.

Community Clubs offer project areas where youth can gain mastery in an area of interest and participate in club activities that develop leadership, decision-making, connection and service. Community Clubs create the environment that builds confidence and life-long skills that will lead youth to make a positive contribution to the world around them.

Join 4-H

STEP ONE:  CHOOSE a 4-H Community Club that you would like to join!  You do not have to join the Community Club nearest your house.  You can join any one you’d like.  But, you do need to choose the 4-H Community Club that you will meet with once a month.  It will be your ‘home base’ for your 4-H experience and your projects.  You can change 4-H Community Clubs at any time.  

STEP TWO:  ATTEND a 4-H Community Club meeting and ENROLL in 4-H!

You will get to meet 4-H Leaders and other 4-H youth.  You can receive, fill-out, and return your 4-H Enrollment Forms Packet, pay the enrollment fee and turn in the scholarship form.  Helpful, friendly people will be there to help answer your questions about 4-H and the paperwork.  You will get useful information on projects being offered and upcoming events!

STEP THREE:  Meet with your 4-H Community Club each month, sign-up to start working with a project group, look at the calendar and keep an eye out for 4-H events to be a part of!

If you aren’t able to enroll at a 4-H Community Club meeting, you can return your enrollment forms and payment to the OSU Extension Lane County Office at 996 Jefferson Street in Eugene (corner of 10th Ave. and Jefferson St.) Monday through Thursday between the hours of 10am and 1pm and 2pm and 5pm.  

Community Clubs

Eugene 4-H Community Club
Project Areas: Beef, Sheep, Small Animal (Rabbits, Cavies, Poultry), Horticulture, Goats,Dog, Static Projects (Cooking, Sewing, Photography)
Meets one day a month at the Willakenzie Grange
3055 Willakenzie Rd, Eugene
4-H Leader: Stephanie Force  541-520-2464
Cloverbud Leader: Kacy Jones 541-513-3279

West Lane 4-H Community Club
Project Areas: Small Animals, Archery, Swine, Lambs, Horse & Pony, Cake Decorating
Meets one day a month at the Veneta Fire Station, District 1
Lane County Fire District #1, Veneta Fire Station
4-H Leader: Sandie Smith  541-935-2625
Cloverbud Leader: Vicki Griffin 541-868-4428

North Lane 4-H Community Club
Project Areas: Small Animal, Horse, Dog, Swine, Public Speaking, Leadership
Meets one day a month at the Santa Clara Grange
295 Azalea Drive, Eugene
4-H Leader: Kelly Makinson 541-337-7370
Cloverbud Leader: Naomi Shirtcliff  541-912-1967

Springfield 4-H Community Club
Project Areas: Small Animal, Dog, Goat, Statics
Meets one day a month at the Trinity Baptist Church
1162 B Street, Springfield
4-H Leader: Sandi Hallmark 541-431-1745
Cloverbud Leader: Jessica Branson 541-915-7161

South Lane/Creswell 4-H Community Club
Project Areas: Small Animal, Bees, Horse, Swine, Natural Resources, Water Ecology and Restoration, Forestry
Meets one day a month at the Creswell Grange
4-H Leader: Lorene Stone 541-246-4549
Cloverbud Leader: Lorene Stone 541-246-4549

New! Mapleton 4-H Community Club
First Meeting in October at the Mapleton Grange
Contact 4-H Leader Lauren Hesse for details 541-268-6943

Interested in a specific project area?  Contact the 4-H Leader of the Community Club you’re interested in to learn more about project area opportunities.  We are continually adding new project areas in Lane County.

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