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We moved Dec. 2, 2013 please make note of our new address: 996 Jefferson Street, Eugene, OR 97402 - Corner of 10th & Jefferson (see map)

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. and 2-5 p.m.
Office Phone: 541-344-5859 

Farms and Gardens Program

Master Gardener Hotline: 541-344-0265

Email Lane County Master Gardeners Hotline

Ross Penhallegon, Horticulture Faculty

Christina Bixel, Horticulture Education Program Assistant

Linda Renslow, Horticulture Support Staff


Master Food Preserver Program

Message Phone: 541-344-4885

Nellie Oehler, Family and Community Health Faculty


Nutrition Education Program

Office Phone: 541-344-0249

Rose Jepson-Sullivan, Family and Community Health Faculty

Nancy DeSpain, Food Pantry Volunteer Program Coordinator

Donna Mastrandrea, Nutrition Education Program Office Specialist


4-H Youth Program

Office Phone: 541-344-5043

Kate Hammarback, 4-H Coordinator 

Patty Driscoll, Administrative Assistant

Donna Mastrandrea 4-H Youth Program Office Specialist


Regional Administrator, South West Region (Region 8)

John Punches

Phone: 541-602-4689