Upcoming Forestry & Natural Resource Educational Programs

Thanks to our GREAT team of OSU Extension Foresters, and the assistance of Forests Today and Forever and the Lane County Small Woodlands Association, we're pleased to offer an exciting line-up of practical classes in Lane County in 2012.

Our Lane County Extension staff is very small, so please use this website to register and prepay.

Registration now open!

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Thanks to the GENEROUS sponsorship of the Lane County Small Woodlands Association, the cost of the remaining classes in this series has been LOWERED! See details for each class.

Class Details:

Woodland Roads:  BMPs That Protect Your Property & Meet the Rules

Date & Time: Friday, September 7th from 9:00 am until Noon followed by a full-scale bbq!

Location: Steve Bowers’ Woodland, 33740 Priceboro Drive, Harrisburg, OR 97446 (click for directions).

Class Description: Roads are a valuable asset on woodland properties.  This class will offer practical guidelines (“Best Management Practices”) for maintaining and upgrading roads that can help protect this asset while also protecting streams and meeting forest practice rule requirements.  See rubber bars, French drains, ditch relief culverts, slumps and slides and all sorts of road issues ... and answers. Everyone attending this class will receive two information-packed publications, OSU’s Managing Forest Roads and OFRI’s newly updated illustrated manual on Oregon’s Forest Protection Laws, plus an all you can eat noon bbq. Outdoor class – come dressed appropriately!

Instructors: Steve Bowers, OSU Extension Forester, Roseburg, OR, and Paul Adams, OSU Forestry Extension Specialist, Corvallis, OR.

Cost & Registration: $20 per person (including lunch). Advance registration required, and class size limited to the first 30 individuals to pre-register. We guarantee this class will fill early so don't delay. Register by contacting Steve Bowers at 541-672-4461 or steve.bowers@oregonstate.edu.

Sponsors: OSU Extension Service, Forests Today and Forever, Lane Small Woodlands Association, and Lane Community College

Alternative Products from the Mill: Small-scale Sawing & Drying Workshop (register online by credit card or check or pay at site cash or check only) NEW LOWER PRICE!!!

September 22, 2012, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. $15. Field class – please dress appropriately!

Location: Custom Cut Lumber, 31500 Coburg Bottom Loop Rd, Eugene, OR (click for directions)

This workshop is designed for those who own a portable sawmill and would like to learn how to become more efficient at marketing “all” of the materials that you produce at the mill, and for those entrepreneurs who don’t own a mill but think they might like to get into the business of producing products with a portable mill.  If you have a mill and are thinking about drying your product, this workshop can also help you with those decisions.

Dick Flynn, manager of Custom Cut Lumber Company outside Coburg, will discuss the pros and cons of setting up a portable sawmill business and how to develop customer relationships.  Dick will discuss what he’s learned by using 3-phase electricity to operate his mill instead of gas or diesel. 

Jim Reeb, Oregon State University Extension Forester, will discuss different methods of drying those sawmill products – emphasizing air drying, solar drying and dehumidification (DH) drying – those drying methods most accessible for small operators.  We will also discuss the DH kilns that are on site at Custom Cut Lumber Company.

If you have examples of wood products that “went wrong”, bring them to the workshop and we’ll try to determine what the cause or causes might have been, and what you might be able to do next time to alleviate the problem.

Instructors: Jim Reeb, Extension Forester for Lincoln County, and Dick Flynn, Manager of Custom Cut Lumber

Gleaning from the Forest, Non-Timber Forest Product (NTFP) Opportunities (register online by credit card or check) NEW LOWER PRICE!!!

Date & Time: September 29, 2012. 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Bauman Family Tree Farm, 84289 Territorial Hwy, Eugene, OR  97405 (click for directions)

Class Description: In forestry we generally spend all our time looking up at our trees, but there are many species of non-timber forest products (NTFP) - plants, shrubs, flowers, mushrooms and parts of trees - that can be used as decoration, medicine, and food. This full-day, hands-on workshop presents some of the common species you might find on your property and around the area, as well as supplemental income opportunities you might derive from adding value to these products. You will practice conducting an inventory, and learn how to encourage productivity of species of interest. We will visit a local NTFP small business to get information on current markets and prices, as well as labor, transportation, and equipment needs.  At the end you will go home with several useful tools to help you get started, and resources that will help you find additional assistance down the road. Outdoor class – come dressed appropriately!

Instructor: Nicole Strong, Senior Instructor, OSU Extension, Forestry and Natural Resources 

Cost & Registration: $15 per person. Register by contacting the Lane County OSU Extension office at 541-344-5859 or online at extension .oregonstate.edu/lane/forestry. Advance registration required!

Sponsors: OSU Extension Service, Forests Today and Forever, Lane Small Woodlands Association, and Lane Community College