Gardening Publications

The Oregon State University Extension Service offers a variety of horticulture publications. Many are downloadable/printable (pdf), free-of-charge, from the list below or by calling the Lane County Office, 541-344-0265, to have them mailed to you. Additional publications may be ordered and purchased from Extension and Experiment Station Communication's (EESC) Publications & Multimedia catalog. To download/print you may need the Adobe Acrobat Reader

Animals/Livestock & Pasture    

Pasture Seeding Suggestions (pdf)

LC 319

Plants Poisonous to Livestock & Horses (pdf)

LC 302


Care and Feeding of the Compost Community (pdf)

LC 332


PNW Handbooks


PNW Plant Disease Handbook


 PNW Insect Handbook


Determining Organic Fertilizer Recommendations (pdf)

LC 671

Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium Values of Organic Fertilizers (pdf)

LC 437


Common Pantry Pests (pdf)

PIL 21

Symphylans (pdf)

LC 439

Using Beneficial Nematodes for Landscape Pest Control (pdf)

LC 584

West Nile Virus (pdf)

LC 710 


Lawn Aerating and Thatch Management (pdf)

LC 573

Mushrooms and Puffballs in Lawns (pdf)

LC 436

Renovating a Home Lawn (pdf)

LC 654


How to get a Christmas Cactus to Bloom (pdf)

LC 453

Pruning Ornamental Trees and Shrubs (pdf)

LC 751


Small Fruits/



Calendar of Small Fruits (pdf)

LC 565

Economic Evaluation of Lingonberry Production in Oregon (pdf)

EM 8847-order hard copy

Lingonberry--A Great New Crop for the Pacific Northwest and How to Grow Lingonberries (pdf)

LC 706

Lingonberry Plant Sources (pdf)

LC 711

Small Fruit Varieties for Lane County (pdf)

LC 344

Tree Fruits    



Bitter Pit in Apples (pdf)

LC 451

Cherries, Gummosis, Pseudomonas, Bacterial Canker & Dead Bud Problems (pdf)

LC 450

Common Fruit Tree Pests (pdf)

LC 469

Control of Moss & Lichens on Fruit Trees (pdf)

LC 449

Fruit Harvest as Determined from Full Bloom Dates (pdf)

LC 421

Home Fruit Orchards in the Willamette Valley (pdf)

LC 447

Spray Schedule - Controlling Diseases and Insects in Home Orchards (pdf)

EC 631-order hard copy

Thinning Apples (pdf)

LC 446

Tree Fruit Bark Protection (pdf)

LC 704

Watercore of Apples (pdf)

LC 445

Why Not to Grow Apricots in Western Oregon (pdf)

LC 443


Vole and Their Control (pdf) LC 725


Asparagus in the Home Garden (pdf)

LC 323

Basic Guide for Aromatic Herb Production (pdf)

LC 321

Dry Bean Varieties for Lane County (pdf)

LC 325

Introduction to Winter Gardening (pdf)

LC 322

Monthly Garden Calendars


Tips for Saving Seeds (pdf)

LC 666

Vegetable Harvest & Storage (pdf)

LC 324



Invasive Weeds of Oregon (pdf)

LC 703

Managing Weeds in the Landscape with Fewer Chemicals (pdf)

LC 581