Pantry Cookbook

From the Pantry to the Kitchen

As part of the Food Pantry Project, the Lane County Family Food Educators/Master Food Preserver program sponsors a Cook-Off Contest focusing on original recipes from foods distributed in food pantry boxes. Finalists from the Cook-Off will compete at FOOD for Lane County and winning recipes compiled in the "From the Pantry to the Kitchen" cookbook. Previous editions of this book are available for downloading, viewing, and printing.

Quick-n-Easy Recipes 1st Edition

Fall-Winter 2004-05 Recipes

Spring-Summer 2005 Recipes

Summer 2005 Recipes

Cook-Off Finalist Recipes Fall 2005

Fall-Winter 2005 Recipes

Spring 2006 Recipes

Summer 2006 Recipes

Fall-Winter 2006-2007 Recipes

Summer 2007 Recipes

Fall-Winter 2007-2008- Special Edition, Cooking with Beans

Spring-Summer 2008

Winter 2008 Recipes

Spring 2009 Recipes

Summer 2009 Recipes

If you are interested in becoming a Food Pantry volunteer, or want more information, call the Nutrition Education Program in the Lane County Office of the OSU Extension Service (541-344-0249).