Garden Gate newsletter
The Lane County Extension Master Gardener program, with the help of our volunteers, publishes Garden Gate,
a monthly newsletter. Because the newsletter is available only to registered volunteers in the Master Gardener training program, we share selected tips, hints, and articles for all Lane County gardeners.

  • Monthly To-Do Lists
    A list of seasonal chores in step-by-step listings to keep your garden healthy and beautiful.
  • Roses
    Information about the history, varieties, cultivation, and propagation of this much-loved flower.
  • Gleanings
    Up-to-minute news on the gardening front.
  • Critter Corner
    A variety of articles on hummingbirds, bats, profiles of insects, and other critters who inhabit our gardens.
  • Profiles of Natural Pesticides
    Descriptions of pesticides that come from natural sources.

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Garden Calendars
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Garden Tips
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Sudden Oak Death In Oregon
Includes links that provide information about the pathogen Phytophthora ramorum that causes leaf blight and stem dieback in many kinds of ornamental shrubs.

Lost Ladybug Project

Help find our native Ladybugs with help from the Lost Ladybug Guide. When you see one, take a picture and let the researchers at Cornell know! If you love Ladybugs, you might also find our Pocket Guide to Beneficial Insects useful.

Lawn-Turnatives - Information about Native Plants, Waterwise, Rock, Vegetable, Rain or Eco-Lawn.