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Helping Lane County Eat Healthy

Who we are

The Nutrition Education Program (NEP) comprises federally-funded programs aimed at improving nutrition and reducing obesity in low-income youth and families.



Good nutrition is important for health, energy, and learning. With this Oregon State University website, Food Hero, you will be able to budget for, plan, and create countless healthy, super tasty meals.  Food Hero will become your family's 'go to' site for everything food. 

What we do

  • Teach adults and families hands-on cooking and nutrition classes in which participants learn to cook food safely and make healthy meals on a budget.

  • Work with schools to create healthy environments for students and staff. We do this through nutrition and cooking classes, gardening programs, and school engagement projects.

  • The Food Pantry Project trains volunteers to help citizens with limited-resources make better use of available foods. Pantry clients learn how to prepare simple, nutritious meals from common foods available from local food pantries.

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Looking for food assistance?

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