Plant Diagnostic Master Gardener (PDMG) Program

Diagnostics at a Plant Clinic

  • Current diganostic sheet (pdf)
  • Controls and Recommendations (pdf)
  • Explanation of Items on the diagnostic (yellow) sheet (pdf)
  • How to Conduct a Phone Interview (pdf)
  • How to use the Checklist for Plant Diagnostics (pdf)
  • Rubric for Diagnostics at Plant Clinic (aka hotline) (pdf)
  • The Problem with Patterns (pdf)
  • What is an Adequate sample (pdf)
  • What to do with a Plant Sample (pdf)
  • What to do with Plant Photographs (pdf)

    Useful Websites

A Systematic Approach to Diagnosing Plant Damage

 Training Information: Late Spring, 2017

Technology in the MG Plant Clinic PowerPoint

Biotic Problems Presentation and handout


Prowler Newsletter

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