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Animal Science - Dogs, Horse, Livestock (Beef, Camelid, Dairy Cattle, Goat, Sheep, Swine), Small Animals (Cavies, Pigeons and Doves, Poultry, Rabbits), Veterinary Science

Veterinary Feed Directive - The Veterinary Feed Directive is a new regulatory process which will be fully implemented  on January 1, 2017  by the Food and Drug Administration and may affect 4-H members with animal projects. It requires a “prescription” from a licensed veterinarian for any antibiotic which is the same or in the same classes as antibiotics used to treat humans. Please see this presentation for more information.

More resources:

Cloverbuds K-3

Communications - Educational Displays, Presentations, Videography

Expressive Arts - Art, Cake Decorating, Cast Ceramics, Fiber Arts, Leathercraft, Performing Arts, Photography

Family & Consumer Science - Child Development, Clothing, Crocheting, Designing Spaces, Food Preservation, Foods and Nutrition, Knitting   knitting lesson

Healthy Living

Horticulture - Flowers and Ornamentals, Vegetables and Herbs

Junior Master Naturalist 

Leadership & Citizenship

Mechanical Science - Woodworking

Natural Science - Amphibians, Entomology, Environmental Stewardship, Forestry, Geology, Of People and Fish, Water Resources

Outdoor Ed & Recreation - All Terrain Vehicles, Aquatic Ecology and Angler Educatoin, Bicycle, Challenge and Adventure, Field Sports, Resources, Shooting Sports, Water Sports

Science, Technology & Engineering - Aerospace, Computer, Electricity, Geospatial Science, Robotics, Wind Energy

YA4-H! Youth Advocates for Health

2015-16 Oregon 4-H Publications

Learning Lab Kits -4-H Leaders may check out for 2 week period

4-H Cloverbuds


2017-18 Superintendents

Swine: Paige Boyce 541-852-3669

Sheep: Barbara Olson 541-954-1110

Goats: Elizabeth Gangwer

Small Animal: Autumn Baker-Caulkins 541-632-0603 and Camas Dorsey 541-554-8384

Horse: Kelly Makinson 541-337-7370 (point person for horse committee)

Dog: Kelly Makinson 541-337-7370

Static: Morningstar Owens 541-510-4564 and Sierra Owens 541-632-2682

Statewide 4-H Advisory Minutes


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