4-H Record Books

Record Book Judging

  • Deadline - due October 15th in Lane County Extension Office

County Medal Application

  • Due October 15th in Lane County Extension Office with Record Book.
  • Must have completed your first year as an Intermediate or older, and have been enrolled in the 4-H project area a minimum of two years

4-H Record Books will be checked annually starting Summer 2014.

4-H Record Books...
  • encourage members to set goals and develop plans to meet those goals. Members can reflect on their achievements and growth during their time in 4-H.
  • give members an opportunity to reflect on their yearly work. The books document the members’ skill development and their learning experiences from one year to the next.
  • teach important life skills: goal setting, organizing, planning, and written communication.
Members who keep good records...
  • learn how to set goals and evaluate their project’s progress.
  • may receive county, state, and/or national recognition.
  • are eligible for 4-H scholarships, the 4-H Ambassador program, and National 4-H Congress.
  • have an invaluable personal memory book (this has proven very helpful as older 4-H youth apply for awards including college scholarships and complete résumés and job applications).

Youth who want to participate in the fair will turn in their 4-H record books for review to be eligible for fair participation.

Record Books

What you need to create a 4-H Record Book that can grow with you in 4-H:

  1. A three ring binder with dividers and tabs - label outside with your name and 4-H Community Club
  2. Identification page
    • My 4-H Records Folder OR
    • Make your own - Name, Address, County, 4-H Community Club, Phone Number
  3. Tab 1 - NEW! My 4-H Resume Fillable pdf or My 4-H Resume Printable pdf   (replaces My Permanent Record)
  4. Tab 2 - 4-H Notes  (your story of the year)
  5. Remaining Tabs: Make a separate Tabbed Section for each project you participate in. Each Project Section should be labeled and include: 
    • Project Records
      • Use either the specific 4-H Project Record for your project area OR the My 4-H Project Record (only a handful of projects have a specific project form.)
      • Each animal project needs its own 4-H Animal Science Record (some animal projects have additional, animal-specific records.)
    • Animal Science Market Animal projects also need to include the following for each market animal:
      • 4-H Feed/Growth Record 
      • 4-H Daily Feed Record
      • COOL Form
      • OSU Extension (Beef/Lamb/Goat/Swine) Health Record 
    • Animal Science Production Animal projects also need to include the animal-specific production records for each animal.
      • Production Record
  6. Advancements (if applicable)
    •  Advancements can go in the section of the project they are for OR have a separate tab.
  7. Pictures - you may place 1-2 pages of pictures in your book
4-H Memories Record Book Guide - information to help you fill out your 4-H Record Book


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