Small Farms

Small farm faculty in the Lincoln County Office of the OSU Extension Service deliver educational programs to help commercial growers and small farmers achieve sustainable crop production and profitability.

The small farm program provides:

  • Educational workshops and personal consultations for area growersLinks you to a website for help information
  • Alternative crops development
  • Technical assistance to help growers improve natural resources management
  • Cooperation with other county organizations to enhance sustainability of our local resources
  • Local foods connection capability with local growers and consumersAgents discuss weeds problems

Currently, our office acts as link to connect local food producers and consumers. We are equipped with a website, phone & fax and email to connect growers and eaters. Our faculty also offer monthy community discussion topics every last thursday of the month at the extension office. These topics reflect on going need to address upcoming issues that growers need to succeed in their farms.


Lincoln County agricultural producers and small farmers also have access to regional OSU Extension faculty in field crops, small farms, and livestock and forages.



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