Ag Discussion Topics

Every day, extension staff and faculty gather information pertaining to educational needs of our local citizens. These needs are categorized into themes. Each last Thursday of the month, one theme is chosen and the public invited for a one hour seminar at the extension office. Some of the topics discussed are archived as presentations.

Choose from the topics below. The presentations are in pdf format.  If you do not have adobe pdf reader, click here 

Understanding Soil Fertility

Forage Sample Collection and Submission

Pruning Ornamentals

Part I

Part II


Forest Soils and Tree Biology

Stockpiling and Utilizing Winter Forages

Pesticide Safety

Grow Your Own Vegetables

Major Components of Farm Enterprise Decisions

Using Web Soil Survey for Forestry

Vegetables for the Oregon Coast

A Soil Disturbance Classification System

Vinegar - EPA Approved Organic Herbicide

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