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The Central and North Oregon Coast are home to some of the most productive tree growing land in the world. In Lincoln County forests cover 90% of the county's land and are 65% privately owned by nearly 2,000 woodland owners. Oregon State University Extension Forestry and OSU Forester Valerie Elder offers objective, research-based information and educational opportunities for woodland owners, loggers and other forest workers, wood products employees, Christmas tree growers, teachers, youth and the public through classes, workshops, tours, demonstrations and information resources.

Insect outbreaks along the Central and North Coast:

Western tent caterpillar - read or download information about this hardwood defoliator here

Silver-spotted tiger moth - read or download information about this conifer defoliator here

Spruce aphid - major defoliator of Sitka and other spruces.  Read or download information here

Woodland Roads Publications - Revised & Updated here

Center for Wood Anatomy Research here

Road Maintenance & Repair here

Sources of Native Tree Seedlings here

Common insect pests and diseases of shore pine - Read or Download

Common insect pests and diseases of Sitka spruce - Read or Download

BMPs for Maintaining Soil Productivity in the Douglas-fir Region:  Download here.

Compare Other Energy Sources with Firewood and Wood Pellets


A 6-page OSU Extension publication and an MS Excel-based calculator are available to help you make energy related decisions.

Managing Swiss Needle Cast - SNC Cooperative Publication:  Download: here.

Results of Lincoln County Woodland Owner Survey

A questionnaire was sent to 250 randomly chosen private woodland owners in Lincoln County to assess their programming needs.  86 valid questionnaires were returned. You can view the results of this survey here.

10 things to know about: hiring an arborist & landscape tree pruning here.

Logging and selling timber here.

Do you have a forest product or service to sell, or are you searching for a forest product or service to purchase?

Logs, lumber, non-timber forest products, someone who will mill your logs on your property - these are just a few examples of the different products and services you will find on the Oregon Forest Industry Directory.  If you have products to sell, it is easy to sign up on the Directory so that potential buyers can contact you. The Directory gets over 1 million hits per month so it is an easy and effective way to either find or sell a forest product.

Web Soil Survey - a tutorial

The Web Soil Survey is a useful web-based tool created and maintained by the Natural Resource & Conservation Service but it is not always easy to use.  Click here to view or download a step-by-step example of using the Web Soil Survey.  Click here to view or download the report generated by this example.

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