Master Woodland Managers

Extension Master Woodland Managers Program

Master Woodland Managers are trained volunteers who have completed an 85-hour course on woodland management. After completing the course, Master Woodland Managers volunteer their time in the following ways:

  • Visit your property and identify opportunities for tree planting, thinning, controlling animal damage.
  • Demonstrate simple forestry practices.
  • Identify important sign that can help you protect your property from fire, insects, and disease.
  • Suggest sources for tree seedlings, forestry equipment, aerial photos and other equipment.
  • Help you locate sources of assistance.
  • Inform you about upcoming woodland tours and meetings.

For Those Considering MWM Training

The MWM program includes 11 modules covering a variety of forestry topics: reforestation, management planning, forest insect and diseases, timber stand improvement, silviculture, business management, forestry assistance, forest measurements, watersheds and wildlife management, and timber harvesting. Most training sessions are held on Saturdays. The training involves a commitment of 8-12 hrs. per month, and usually takes place over about a yearlong period. The training involves in-class lectures, demonstrations and field trips. Participants receive handouts, publications and fact sheets. For more information, contact Valerie Elder, Forestry & Natural Resources Agent.

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